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  • Wharf Horses
    • December 2016

      Taking the simple, but effective approach to its container transport service, Melbourne-based arrow is now rolling out two new quad-quad super b-double combinations from Vawdrey. More...
  • In Safe Hands With Vawdrey
    • October 2016

      Vawdrey australia is now offering its user-friendly lift-a-gate system to complement its latchliner buckleless curtain technology on its trailers. The glen cameron group will now use both systems as part of its new b-double titeliner. More...
  • The Perfect Fit
    • September 2016

      Vawdrey australia has launched a revolutionary patented latchliner buckle-less curtain system designed to speed up delivery times and improve work, health and safety for operators. More...
  • Widening its Scope
    • August 2016

      For operators running deliveries in and out of remote country towns where return trips can often be days apart, it helps to have multi-compartment trailers. That's why Queensland's Ozwide Freight is now putting a new b-double drop deck curtain-sider from Vawdrey Australia into service. More...
  • Vawdrey August 2016
  • Viewpoint Newsletter | Volume 10
    • August 2016

      Much has happened at Vawdrey Australia since we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2014. In tandem with the industry we serve, the entire organisation has become even more nimble, more environmentally conscious and more innovation-driven than it was back then – and that’s saying something. Paul Vawdrey View Newsletter...
  • The Path of Lease Resistance
    • July 2016

      With demands in Australia’s rental market constantly changing, Rentco is now diversifying its transport and logistics offering with a large-scale order of frp vans from Vawdrey Australia. More...
  • Sticking to a Schedule
    • May 2016

      Running a demanding shuttle schedule between Brisbane and Melbourne, AJM Transport requires its trailing equipment to be backed by a strong support network - One it found with Vawdrey Australia. More...
  • Building for the future
    • April 2016

      Vawdrey Australia has just put the finishing touches on a new, state-of-the-art sales and service facility in Brisbane, which has been decked out with all the equipment and space to meet the company’s growth into the future. More...
  • Going Solar
    • March 2016

      Maintaining its position as one of Australia’s premier trailer manufacturing brands is a high priority for Vawdrey Australia – both from a manufacturing and an evironmental perspective. More...


  • Switch Play
    • December 2015

      Adaptability is an important characteristic for businesses in the commercial road transport industry, especially in a fluctuating market segment like container handling. More...
  • Vawdrey December 2015
  • The Future Is Now
    • August 2015

      There is more than one parallel between the nation’s largest privately owned trailer manufacturing company, Vawdrey Australia, and Damorange Refrigerated Transport (DRT), a leading force in Victoria’s produce cartage scene. More...
  • Vawdrey August 2015
  • All Star Standard
    • June 2015

      It’s been an eventful three years in the history of Australia Post since it acquired a 50 per cent interest in StarTrack in 2012. More...
  • Vawdrey June 2015
  • Room For More
    • June 2015

      Maximising cubic space has been the guiding principle behind Vawdrey’s new triple drop deck B-double design. More...
  • Viewpoint Newsletter | Volume 9
    • May 2015

      More than 40 years have passed since my father, Mick Vawdrey, first ventured into the transport equipment industry with the launch of a small body building workshop in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside, and I am proud to say that we are still as determined to change the face of Australian transport as he was back then....Paul Vawdrey View Newsletter...
  • Vawdrey March 2015


  • Celebrating 40 years of excellence
    • November 2014

      By harnessing cutting-edge technology and combining it with an unwavering family bond, Vawdrey Australia has grown from a small workshop into a national powerhouse over the past 40 years – time to celebrate. More...
  • High cube solutions with Vawdrey
    • August 2014

      It’s no secret that developing a solid customer relationship is the foundation for return business. Vawdrey Australia has long understood this business principle, and its on-going partnership with SRV Road Freight Services is evidence that putting your client first does contribute to long-term gains. More...
  • Becoming a PBS Powerhouse
    • July 2014

      Australia’s Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme has come a long way since its introduction almost a decade ago. Today, it is making a significant impact on many of the country’s most renowned trailer builders – including Vawdrey Australia, which is now taking the concept to new levels. More...
  • Back for a refill
    • June 2014

      One of the most recognisable brands worldwide, Coca-Cola is always in high demand - not only in convenience stores, but also in the transport game. Transport businesses like Toll know that delivering the popular beverage requires reliable transport equipment, which is why it defers to Vawdrey australia. More...
  • Leaders of the New Skel
    • April 2014

      Vawdrey Australia is taking commercial road transport in Victoria to the next level with the introduction of the first-ever 30m tri-axle PBS-approved A-double combination to operate throughout Victoria. Young transport company, Arrow, will be the first to put the new set into operation. More...
  • Viewpoint Newsletter | Volume 8
    • April 2014

      2013 was a big year for Vawdrey Australia with many firsts, and 2014 is set to be a milestone year also, as it will mark our 40th year of operation in Australia. As we approach ITTES 2014, it is a good opportunity to fill you in on some of the news and developments we have been busy with and how leading fleets are benefitting from innovative trailer and body technology...Paul Vawdrey View Newsletter...


  • F1 Logistics rebrands as G1 Logistics
    • December 2013

      Mildura-based transport company F1 Logistics has announced it is now trading under the name G1 to emphasise the close connection to its parent company, GTS Freight Management... More...
  • GBR Transport: A question of pride
    • October 2013

      When the three Millett brothers first established GBR in 1996, they commenced operation like many in the Australian commercial road transport scene – starting small with no real ambition to become a large organisation, but to offer the best possible service in the competitive commercial road transport market. More...
  • SRV to support Prostate Cancer Foundation
    • September 2013

      Queensland transport company, SRV Roadfreight Services, will raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation with a gala day to be held at the company’s Ormeau depot, on Saturday, September 21. More...
  • Vawdrey deilvers 30,000th build
    • September 2013

      Delivering its 30,000th unit to Qube Logistics, Vawdrey can stand firm as a true ‘powerhouse’ within the trailer building community and a shining example of where hard work, smart engineering, commitment, and a reliable product can take you in the commercial road transport market. More...
  • Super B-Doubles hit the road in Melbourne
    • August 2013

      Two Vawdrey Super B-double combinations rolled out of the Dandenong depot of Wettenhall Logistics on Thursday - marking a milestone in access for Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) on the Victorian road network under the new Victorian Freight & Logistics Plan (VFLP). More...
  • GBR Transport invests in Vawdrey Iceliners
    • July 2013

      Since becoming an accvwredited member of TruckSafe in November 2012 – the business and risk management program of the Australian Trucking Association – GBR Transport is even more committed to the TruckSafe pillars of responsible work practices, well-maintained vehicles and quality-trained, healthy staff. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that the company is very selective about trailing equipment too. More...
  • Viewpoint Newsletter | Volume 7
    • May 2013

      Compiling the latest edition of Viewpoint was a fascinating experience. It is humbling to see what we have achieved since the last edition, and I am proud to see that our work has made a notable impact on Australia’s commercial road transport industry...Paul Vawdrey View Newsletter...
  • Region Peak Transport
    • April 2013

      Walk into Region Peak’s head office in the Melbourne suburb of Somerton, and it is immediately evident this is a company offering that little extra to every client. The attitude exhibited by everyone, from Director Brian down to service staff, is one of passion for what they do, which is offering individual distribution solutions that exceed expectations. More...
  • Vawdrey's Innovative Buckle-less Curtain
    • March 2013

      As one of Australia’s leading logistics companies, Melbourne’s Glen Cameron Group has created a truly national footprint including all key retail businesses metropolitan and regional. To consistently meet the demands of blue chip clients in the food sector, the family business has forged a strong partnership with local trailer building expert Vawdrey – a relationship that has done stood for 30 years and counting. More...
  • Vawdrey's OH&S boost
    • February 2013

      Since Vawdrey first revealed an automatic mezzanine deck in early 2010, the new technology has been turning heads throughout the country. In fact, it spread so fast that not even the bass strait could halt its momentum, when SRT Logistics brought the innovative system to Tasmania. More...


  • Simon Project Logistics supporting APLNG Project in Queensland
    • Tuesday 30th, October 2012

      Although LNG export is a relatively young industry in Australia, the Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Project in Queensland has already become a driving force to the region’s economic development. Using Vawdrey equipment, Simon National Carriers is one transport expert capitalising on the new industry. More...
  • Vawdrey appoints NSW State Manager
    • Thursday 27th, September 2012

      Australia's largest independent trailer builder Vawdrey, has bolstered its New South Wales division with the appointment of Geoff Carroll as the company's new state manager. More...
  • Vawdrey's West wing
    • Thursday 6th, September 2012

      As one of Australia’s leading trailer manufacturers, Vawdrey has understood that only a nationwide service network can ensure perfect product backup at any time – especially in a state like Western Australia, where the trailer industry must meet the high demands of a strong minerals and energy sector. More...
  • Vawdrey Australia appointed Trailer Skirt National Distributor
    • Monday 2nd, July 2012

      Aerodynamics specialist NoseCone announced the appointment of Vawdrey Australia as National Distributor for their range of Laydon-NoseCone Trailer Skirts. Chris Ryman, Managing Director of NoseCone Australia - the company that introduced trailer aerodynamics to the Australian trucking industry over 30 years ago - said, “The Laydon-NoseCone modular trailer skirt system is well proven in the USA where trailer skirts offer reduced fuel consumption, improved visibility and protection for pedestrians and cyclists. The modular system using specially engineered injection moulded plastic components suits the requirements of the Australian industry and tougher road conditions very well. Vawdrey’s reputation for a solid product, innovative thinking and fleet experience suit our marketing strategy perfectly.” More...
  • Vawdrey's efficiency express
    • Thursday 7th, June 2012

      Transporting international airfreight throughout the country is a highly specialised job – especially if all major Australian airports are involved. For Jets Transport Express (JTE), there is no margin for error, which is why it enlisted the help of Vawdrey’s new auto mezzanine deck technology to guarantee a flawless track record. Melbourne-based Jets Transport Express is one of Australia’s leading ‘road feeder’ services for the global air cargo industry. The company’s national network – covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Coolangatta, Perth and Adelaide – operates seven days a week to ensure that international airfreight does not stay grounded once a plane has landed somewhere in Australia. More...
  • Vawdrey's Super B
    • April 2012

      As Australia’s commercial road transport market is becoming more and more competitive, the old ‘less is more’ approach can sometimes make all the difference. when Qube Logistics went in search for new equipment, for instance, they found that Vawdrey’s super B-double could offer more payload and less running cost at the same time. More...
  • Vawdrey Australia unveils new Swingliner model
    • Monday 19th, March 2012

      2011 has been a busy, yet successful year for Australian trailer expert Vawdrey. After revealing an all-electric buckle-less curtain system and a patented automatic mezzanine floor system in May, the Dandenong-based company introduced a revolutionary working-at-heights safety solution, FPSS, in December. More...


  • Vawdrey expands in Queensland
    • Thursday 2nd, June 2011

      Due to growing demand, Vawdrey Australia has opened a new branch in Darra, QLD, housing state-of-the-art service and repair facilities and an expanded showroom. “We’ve been based in Queensland for the past two years and the customer base has increased dramatically,” says Queensland State Manager Shayne Nicholls. “The old premises in Rocklea were not able to meet the demand any more.” More...
  • Vawdrey's constant evolution
    • Thursday 3rd, February 2011

      The first version of Vawdrey’s Buckleless Curtain load restraint trailer was released two years ago at the 2009 Brisbane Truck Show. Vawdrey’s Engineering Manager, Alastair Lang, says that the newest version demonstrates an evolution of the original design. “The first version was quite popular,” he says, “but now we’ve made some changes to make the system easier to use and reduce the areas where the curtain or buckles could become entangled, thus also improving the longevity of the straps within the curtains. More...


  • Vawdrey Australia
    • Sunday 5th, December 2010

      Relying on a passionate ethos and understanding of Australia’s freight movements, Vawdrey has maintained confidence in a highly competitive market, producing innovative semi trailers and truck bodies that are built to go the instance and tackle all that this country has to offer. More...